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Dates of Significance

**Please be reminded this is not meant to be an exhaustive list and there may be diverse celebrations and religious dates that are not addressed.

Some Dates of Significance for February 2018

Black History Month

This observance was first launched in 1926 in the United States by Carter G. Woodson during the second week in February as Negro History Week.  It evolved over time and became Black History Month in 1976.  In December of 1995, the Parliament of Canada officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada.  During February, the significant achievements and contributions in the areas of medicine, human rights, art, culture, politics, and public service made by people of African and Caribbean descent through history, as well as their struggles to overcome colonialism and racism, are officially recognized and celebrated.

At ******* Public School, we will be acknowledging Black History Month by

February 15th – National Flag of Canada Day

February 15 was declared National Flag of Canada Day in 1996. It marks the day in 1965 when our red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and indeed, hundreds of communities across Canada. Red and white were designated as Canada's official colours in 1921 by His Majesty King George V. 

February 16th - Chinese New Year – Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is a vibrant and festive occasion for many people in Canada. This event can last for many days and often includes various festivities such as street parades and festivals featuring dancing, traditional Chinese costumes, firework displays, food stalls, and arts and crafts.

Many Chinese Canadian families spend time together giving gifts, particularly red envelopes with money (Hong Bao, Ang Pao, or Lai See) that are normally given to children. Some Canadian organizations have also participated in Chinese New Year through various activities over the years. For example, Canada Post issued special stamps to welcome the Chinese New Year in previous times. The Royal Canadian Mint also marked Chinese New Year with a new series of coins in the past. 

The Chinese community in Canada has a long history dating back to the 19th century. The Chinese moved to Canada for various reasons related to employment and opportunities associated with the Canada's growth. All across Canada, starting in the 1890s, cities and larger towns began to develop their own Chinatown districts.

February 22th – Pink Shirt Day

On February 22, students and staff are encouraged to wear a pink article of clothing to send the powerful message that discrimination related to homophobia, transphobia, and sexism will be challenged.  This Anti-Bullying Day grew from a student protest against an incident of homophobic, sexist bullying in a Nova Scotia high school.  This positive social action was initiated by David Shepherd and Travis Price, who bought and distributed over 50 pink shirts to raise awareness in response to the incident, where a male student was called a homosexual for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school.