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Self Regulation
At C.E. Broughton we strive to work with parents to bulid resiliency in our students. One way to help students be resilient is to teach self regulation. This is the ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours, and attention, in ways that are socially acceptable & help achieve positive goals, such as maintaining good relationships, learning and maintaining well being. There are times during the day when students need to up-regulate (increase energy level) and down-regulate (decrease energy level) in order to be calm and ready to learn.​ Our school wide focus on self-regulation from Kindergarten to Grade 8 teaches students about self regulation and how to employ strategies to problem solve and maintain an optimal state of learning.
If your child comes home and talks about how they were "in the yellow zone", then listened to music or went to a quiet spot and moved "into the green zone", you will know that they were using self regulation strategies.
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IMG_00000223 Medium.jpg