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Personal Electronic Devices

DDSB recognizes that technology continues to evolve providing students with personal wireless technologies. Any personal electronic devices that are used inappropriately during the school day are disruptive to the teaching and learning environment.

The privacy and personal dignity of others could be violated by the inappropriate use of personal electronic devices to text messages, social network, and/or share digital media. Unless deemed appropriate by school administration for educational purposes, it is the practice of DDSB that the use of personal electronic devices are prohibited during the school day on school property.

Field trips and after school events are an extension of the classroom, and the expectations of the use of personal electronic devices apply. Staff may approve the use of this technology for purposes of this technology for purposed of education and communication, such as calling parents for pick-up or taking photos of trip highlights. In keeping with the Freedm of Information and Privacy Act, the filming or taking pictures of others without their expressed permission is prohibited. Further, the taking of photos or filming while at school or at school related activities is prophibited unless approved by DDSB staff and used for educational purposes.

Thank you for discussing this with your child.