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Digital Citizenship
With our growing use of technology, Brooklin Villageand the Durham District School Board have been working to incorporate the ideals of Digital Citizenship into classroom discussions and lessons and especially when our students use technology.
Responsible digital citizens ensure that they change their passwords on a regular basis. They guard their privacy and safety while online by ensuring that they are not posting private information about themselves for others to read. Digital Citizens demonstrate integrity when they first ask permission before posting images, photos or videos of others. Digital Citizenship is the understanding that character traits such as responsibility and integrity must also be present in the online world.
Each year our students in Grade 7and 8 are required to partcipate in our Digital Citizenship Bootcamp. This program involves five one hour sessions on the following topics:
Internet Safety, Digital Law, Cyber-bullying, Netiquette, and School Policy
At the end of the program all students are required to complete a test and score 80%. If they are successful they are presented with their Digital Citizenship License which allows them to use their personal devices (ipods, iphones, smart phone, laptops, etc.) when invited by the teacher for classroom use.