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Brooklin Village Public School
Together we will empower one another to pursue our goals and dreams.
School Information
​Brooklin Village Public School hosts a population of over 740 students. The students are drawn from various communities within the area bordered by the Oshawa-Whitby Townline, the Scugog-Whitby, Durham 23 and Taunton Road. Our school welcomes students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 in our English stream and from Grade 1 to 8 in our French Immersion stream.  We also host an Associated Class.
At Brooklin Village we focus on building success for students academically as well as developing confidence and strong personal characteristics. A school-wide emphasis on literacy and numeracy, character education, environmental issues and safe schools, guides the direction for instructional strategies, students and community involvement. The school athletic programs, musical opportunities, and extracurricular clubs are structured to encourage maximum participation by all students.

We believe that it is important that our school libraries and classroom resources reflect inclusivity and serve to foster sensitivity towards individuals and groups that have traditionally been and/or are currently being marginalized within the broader society.   These resources serve to identify and remove barriers that may exist for various groups and families.  They may touch on topics of ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, family status and marital status.  They are intended to help students to acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to challenge unjust practices, and to build positive human relationships as members of a global community.  

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to promote equity and social justice.