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School Procedures


Regular class attendance is vital to the process of learning.  Students who habitually miss class will suffer in the evaluation process because their participation and achievement cannot be fully assessed. Absenteeism is a major cause of failure at school. Students who do not meet the 110 hours of class instruction may have the credit withheld. Regular and punctual attendance in all classes is required for academic success and for the sake of the learning environment in the classes. High subject attendance absences may be a result of participation in activities which take a student out of school (school-related activities) or may be an indication of truancy.  Students are not penalized for missing classes due to school approved activities; they are expected to consult with their teachers in advance and complete work missed.

Absence from School

Students who are absent from class must bring a note from their parent(s) stating the date of the absence and the reason for the absence. This note should be brought to school the day of their return and given to the office. Parents may elect to leave the reason on our school answering machine at 905-655-2015. Excused and valid absences do not release the student from their academic responsibility. In the case of prolonged absences, students are required to complete an extended absence form and consult with administration.

Signing In and Out during the School Day

All students must report to the office if leaving school during the school day. Unless a student is directed otherwise, a note or call from a parent is required to explain the reason for "signing out" during the day. The school will not release a student who cannot produce good reasons for her/his departure. A student who has taken ill or has been injured must report to the office. The receptionist will contact the parents to make arrangements for signing out. Once a student is signed out he/she must leave the school immediately.

Signing-In During the School Day

All students arriving at school between the hours of 8:18 a.m. and 2:14 p.m. must first report to the office to sign in. Students may not use school facilities unless they are properly signed in.


Punctuality is imperative for the proper conduct of classroom activities. Students must be on time and ready to participate both for their sake and for that of their classmates. Lateness for class for inappropriate reasons is not acceptable and is dealt with as a disciplinary matter by the teacher.  Persistent lateness for school will result in progressive disciplinary action by the administration.

Parental Contact

We expect parents to cooperate and call when students are absent as it is imperative the office is kept informed.

Students Who Write Own Notes

Parent(s) of a dependent student 18 years of age or older, who have agreed with the procedure of student signed notes, should notify the school of this intention in writing.  Procedure to Write Own Notes forms are available from the main office. Students who sign their own notes may be asked to provide acceptable documentation to support absences.

Consequences for Poor Attendance

The following procedures apply to students who are late at any time of day. After five lates the following may occur:

             Late 6           Caution 

             Late 7           Caution and parent/guardian contact

             Late 8           Letter to parent/guardian and counselling

             Late 9           Detention and counselling

             Late 10/11    Parent/guardian contact

             Late 12         Formal suspension and parent/guardian contact

Failure to Sign In/out

Students who fail to follow the sign-in/sign-out procedures face progressive consequences leading to suspension.


Truancy is absence from school without the approval of a school official, parent(s), or guardian(s). Truancy is a serious infraction of school rules and the Education Act. Automated phones calls are made home, each day, for students who are truant.

Absences must be supported by appropriate documentation. Credits may be withheld if students do not meet Ministry of Education requirements. The following procedures apply for truant students:

           Skip 1  Caution and contact with parent

           Skip 2  Caution, detention(s) and discretionary contact with parent

           Skip 3  Caution, detention(s) and contact with parent

           Skip 4  Formal Suspension of one day and parent contacted

           Skip 5  Formal Suspension of three days and parent contacted

Failure to attend classes, persistent lates, and failing to sign in/out will result in progressive school consequences leading to suspension.


Cafeteria supervisors and students appreciate your cooperation in:

  • depositing all lunch litter in waste containers and recycle bins; leaving table and floor around you in a clean condition;
  • not consuming food or drinks outside of designated eating areas except for classrooms supervised by a teacher for meetings or club activities;
  • not loitering in doorways of the cafeteria or condiment stand/microwave area;
  • not bringing sporting or outdoor equipment to the cafeteria;
  • not accessing cafeteria servery during class time.

Computer Information Technology and Internet Use

The Durham District School Board's computing and information technology facilities and resources are made available to students in support of their learning, research requirements and career preparation. Use of the computer and information technology facilities and resources of the DDSB shall be governed by all relevant federal (e.g., Copyright), provincial (e.g. Education Act), DDSB (Policies and Procedures), and local school (e.g., School Code of Behaviour) laws and regulations.  Use of DDSB computing and information technology facilities and resources for the illegal, political or private commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The onus is on the user to know and to comply with these laws and regulations. Access to computers and the Internet is considered a privilege. Anyone found accessing computers or the Internet in an inappropriate way will receive school consequences and may face legal intervention. School discipline may involve a loss of computer privileges, a suspension or expulsion from school or restitution for damage or destruction of school computer equipment.  Legal action may result in charges being laid by provincial or federal authorities. Students and staff will be asked to review the DDSB.'s Secondary School Acceptable and Safe Use Procedure for Computing and Information Technology Facilities and Resources and must sign an acknowledgement form. Students must have this form signed by a parent or guardian.

Inappropriate use would include the following:

  • harassment of others
  • destruction or damage or changing of equipment
  • appropriation of data or software
  • unauthorized monitoring of electronic communication
  • unauthorized use of other's access codes
  • violation of copyright and software licence agreements
  • academic dishonesty
  • violation of another's privacy
  • violation of computer security systems
  • viewing and/or importation of pornographic, racist, illegal or private documents
  • incurring costs to the school through use of telecommunication systems without prior approval

 Neither the school's network nor the broader Internet (whether accessed on campus or off campus, either during or after school hours) may be used for the purpose of harassment. All forms of harassment in cyberspace often called cyber-bullying, are unacceptable. Bullying in any form will be subject to school consequences and may result in suspension.

Crime Stoppers

A student who wishes to anonymously report information about crime in the school may call the Crime Stoppers community telephone hotline, 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS). This line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Crime Stoppers does not use call display. You never have to give your name, meet with police or go to court. Callers may be eligible for a cash reward.


Students may be assigned time to stay during the lunch period or before or after school. In addition to any detentions assigned by administration, any teacher has the authority to assign their own detentions. Detention(s) takes priority over other extra-curricular activities. No food is allowed in the detention room and students are expected to bring meaningful work. Regular classroom behaviour is required. Failing to serve a detention may result in a suspension.  Detentions are served in room 107 from 11:00 - 11:15 a.m.

Dress, Headgear, Outerwear

The school dress code assists in the creation of a positive learning environment. Dress in a manner which is appropriate for a professional environment/school activity. For Field Trips or other school related activities, students must follow the School Code of Conduct and dress code or as stated on the trip permission form.

All headgear, sunglasses, and eye distorting lenses must be removed upon entering the school and stored in locker. Hats are not to be carried in hoods.  Outdoor wear is not to be worn in class or the cafeteria servery. Wallet chains are not permitted. Chains of excessive weight worn as jewellery are not permitted. Studded jewellery is not permitted. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, in labs or technology classes, there cannot be open toe footwear.

Skirts, dresses and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer. Pyjamas and/or slippers are not permitted. Shirts and tops with appropriate neck-lines must be worn and tucked in or must fall below the waistline of pants/skirts. Shirts and tops must cover shoulders, shoulder blades and around the armholes.  Undergarments must be concealed at all times. Any clothing which is offensive in nature, advertising drugs, alcoholic beverages, sex, violence, and gender or ethno cultural insensitivities is not allowed.

Any clothing or symbols worn suggesting racial or gang related overtones are not allowed (eg. inappropriate shoelaces, suspenders hanging down, bandanas, objects in hair, symbols on clothing, pant leg(s) rolled up, tucked in, etc.)

There will be progressive school consequences leading to suspension for not adhering to school dress code.


The school elevator is only for students who need assistance due to a physical disability, either temporary or prolonged. Students require permission from the office to use the elevator.

Full Time Status

Brooklin High School recommends full time registration. A full-time workload prepares pupils for the rigours of college/university studies or for the workplace, and a higher credit count gives students more options for the future.  Part-time schedules will be approved on a case by case basis and may require medical documentation.

Halloween Costumes

Students may be permitted to wear costumes on Halloween as part of a Student Parliament initiative as long as students are recognizable and providing there are no replica weapons, no face masks, no sunglasses, no offensive costumes and no colored contact lenses worn. All Halloween costumes must meet the School Dress Code.


Students, who refuse to identify themselves, or give false identification when requested by staff, may be suspended.

Laser Pointers and other Nuisance Items

The Durham District School Board has banned laser pointers from all schools. If you bring a laser pointer or other nuisance items to school, then they may be confiscated and you may face a suspension. Other nuisance items include air horns, mega phones and any other items deemed a nuisance to teaching and learning.


In the interest of student safety, students are prohibited from loitering in or near the driveway entrances to the school grounds. Students may not loiter on sidewalks, the athletic fields/surrounding area, or the ramp to the track.  Students are not to loiter in school past 2:35 pm.  Students who remain at school after dismissal must be involved in a supervised activity. Brooklin High School students should not loiter on the sidewalk restricting public access.

Portable Electronic Devices

Students are expected to use their personal electronic devices responsibly and appropriately for educational purposes as deemed by school personnel.  Personal electronic devices are permitted outside of class time. During class times, personal electronic devices and headphones may be used at the discretion of the teacher. Personal electronic devices have the potential to disrupt and interfere with the teaching and learning environment. There will be progressive school consequences leading to suspension for not adhering to this policy.

Unless deemed appropriate by the school for educational purposes it is the practice of Durham District School Board that the use of personal electronic devices such as cellular phones be prohibited during the school day in the school or on the school board property. The school cannot assume the liability for lost or stolen personal electronic devices. The school is not responsible if any of these items are lost or stolen.   Unauthorized video or audio recording on school grounds for any purpose is prohibited.  Further, the taking of photos, filming or recording while at school or at school related activities is prohibited unless approved by school staff for educational purposes.   In particular, the use of cameras, filming and/or recording is strictly prohibited in washrooms and change rooms.  

Reporting To the Office

When instructed by staff to report to the office a student must comply. Failure to do so may result in suspension.

School Bus Transportation Instructions

School buses are considered school property and all school rules apply to behaviour on them. If you ride a school bus, you are under school jurisdiction on the bus, and you must behave accordingly. Students are requested to observe the following rules as stated in Durham District School Board Transportation policy:

  • Be at pick up points prior to scheduled arrival of the bus.
  • Follow recommended procedures when crossing the road.
  • Stand in an orderly line until the bus comes to a full stop.
  • Do not push or shove when boarding or leaving the bus.
  • Remain seated and do not distract the driver.
  • Keep feet under the seats and bags out of the aisle.
  • Do not tamper with emergency door, or equipment.
  • Keep hands, heads and arms inside the bus.
  • Do not throw anything in, out of, or at the bus at any time.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all school buses.
  • Do not fight or use obscene language on the bus.
  • No consumption of food or drink on school bus.
  • Use the containers provided for any debris.
  • Student(s) responsible for wilful damage will be held responsible and remuneration for damage will be sought.
  • The bus driver is in complete charge of the bus and will report any misconduct.
  • A student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for not observing regulations and instructions.
  • Students are picked up and dropped off on Brooklin High School property. There are no other entries or drop off points for students.

School Bus Cancellation

Parents can contact the automated line at 1-866-908-6578 or 905-666-6979 or Durham Student Transportation Services ( Notification regarding the cancellation of student transport services or the closure of schools will be made by the Director prior to 7am and broadcasted by common several media outlets.         

School Dances

  • All students must have an activity card and must bring it to the dance to be admitted.
  • No smoking is permitted at dances.
  • Coats and bags must be placed in the designated area.
  • All lockers are out of bounds. Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables to the dance.  The school will not be responsible for student property that is lost or missing.
  • Once leaving the dance you may not re-enter.
  • There will be cut off time after which no one will be admitted to the dance.   If it is necessary for a student to arrive after the designated time (work commitment) his/her ticket must be signed by an administrator by 2:35 p.m. on the day of the dance.
  • Anyone consuming any amount of alcohol before the dance will not be admitted.
  • Any student who is found to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol prior to or during the dance will be suspended from school; may not be allowed to attend further school dances; parents will be contacted; charges may be laid.
  • Any student in possession of drugs/alcohol at the dance will be suspended from school and parents contacted.
  • The only students allowed in a Brooklin High School dance are current BHS students and approved guests.
  • The guest must come in with the sponsor.
  • The guest must be registered on the guest list one week prior to the dance, and guest must have administration approval to attend the dance.
  • The guest must show photo identification.
  • Sponsors are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.
  • A sponsor may only bring one guest to a dance.

Skate Boards, Long Boards and Roller Blades

The use of these items is not allowed on Brooklin High School property.  While on school property, skateboards/roller blades are to be stored in lockers. Skateboards cannot be brought on the school bus.


Throwing snowballs is not permitted and may result in suspension.

Special Medical Requirements

Parents must inform the school of the special medical requirements of students; e.g., EPIPEN.  A student who requires a Medical Alert bracelet must wear it at all times.

Student Parking

Students must apply for a parking permit in order to park on school property. Student parking is limited to the west parking lots and 77 spots. The parking lot is out of bounds during class time. Students are not allowed to sit in parked vehicles during spare periods or at lunch time. All vehicles are left at the owner's risk. Students are expected to drive on school property in a safe and responsible manner. Students are encouraged to walk, bike and skate to their community school. Students are encouraged to use public transit and/or car pool.

Study Period

Senior students with a study period may leave the school property or go to Library Commons or Bears Cafe, within 5 minutes of the period start. Students must not loiter in the halls or teaming tables on the second floor and/or disturb other classes.

Tobacco: Prohibiting Smoking, Use of Tobacco and Associated Devices

The DDSB is responsible to work with the Durham Region Health Department to enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and promote healthy lifestyle choices. Smoking, use of tobacco and associated devices, including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes, vaping devices, water pipes, hookahs, chewing tobacco and herbal cigarettes are prohibited by any person on school property at any time. Students who smoke must do so in the designated area and only at lunch. There is no smoking and/or vaping between or during classes. Students who do not abide by these rules face progressive school consequences leading to suspension and legal penalties as the Tobacco Enforcement Officer may be involved and has the authority to issue a summons that may result in fines:

  • Supplying tobacco to someone who is under 19 years of age is prohibited and could cost you $490.
  • Supplying e-cigarettes to someone who is under 19 years of age is prohibited and could cost you $305.
  • Smoking/holding lighted tobacco anywhere on school property could cost you a minimum of $305 to a maximum of $5,000


Students are discouraged from bringing valuables to school.  Students should not leave valuable items or money in their locker or in gym change rooms. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property.

Video Surveillance System

Security cameras are in operation for safety of students, staff and visitors. Persons on school premises are subject to video recording.


To avoid missing valuable class time, students are expected to use the washroom before school, during lunch hour and between classes.  Students may be excused at the teacher's discretion, using a classroom log. Medical conditions need to be documented and brought to the attention of administration.