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Brooklin High School
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Welcome Parents of Brooklin High School!
At the Home of the Bears we will develop a tradition of positive relationships with all members of our school community. Educational research continues to tell us that parent engagement is key to student achievement and success. We welcome parent involvement in our schools and encourage parents and guardians to have open, productive communication with your child's teacher and school.
We also welcome and encourage parents and guardians to become involved in our School Community Council (SCC), which provides a vital link between school, home and community. Please visit our SCC section and page on this website. The SCC is a forum for parents, guardians and other members of the community to contribute to school life. We greatly value the input and advice provided by parents at our SCC.
The school board's Strategic Plan wants us to "Ignite Learning" and one way we do this is to welcome the involvement of parents, staff and students. The Durham District School Board continues to focus on the use of technology as an effective tool for teaching and learning. Our focus at Brooklin High School will be to provide a 21st Century Learning environment. Technology at the Point of Instruction will be part of our regular routine and using Technology at the Point of Learning will allow students to discover, collaborate and share.
One exciting 21st Century Learning concept is the use of personal devices at Brooklin High School. We will be encouraging students to "Bring IT" (Bring Information Technology) and connect to our Wi-Fi.  Another exciting example is our school app available for download! The entire school community can download the SchoolInfoApp to their personal device. The SchoolInfoApp will include push notifications and announcements, Student Handbook, Calendar, plus a section for students to track assignments and homework! See our website for instructions on how to download the SchoolInfoApp.
At the same time, ensuring safe, effective and productive use of mobile devices must remain our focus. At Brooklin High School, we will continue to encourage students to use these devices in a positive way, to aid in learning, to keep Digital Citizenship mindful, and not to disrupt teaching and learning.
Technology also provides a means for our school community to find out more about what is going on in our school. To stay on top of DDSB's news, highlights and events, please regularly visit or follow the school board on Twitter @DurhamDSB. Please regularly visit our website at or follow the Bears on Twitter @brooklinhs and @beargrowls. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel, too!
This section of the website is always under construction as parent needs evolve. If you have any suggestions for this section then feel free to contact us.