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Locker Information

September 09, 2018

Find below here, in four bullets, a summary of Locker Information at Brooklin High School:

  • Lockers are used by students to store and secure personal belongings, including text books and learning materials, clothing and other small school-related items. Best practice is to access lockers at the beginning of the day, lunch time and end of the day. Students can transport learning materials for two periods at a time, hopefully avoiding the need to access lockers between periods.
  • We have 1,065 lockers in the school, all the same size, 12" wide and 72" high, along 8 different school corridors. We are currently researching the potential for adding additional locker banks. 
  • Good News: We have added 42 new lockers! Now, we have 1,107 lockers.
  • Over the first two weeks of the school year we assign individual lockers to students in Grade 9 and 10. Students in Grade 11 and 12 may share a locker. Students in Grades 11 and 12 can apply to have an individual locker using the Locker Form and application on our website, under Quick Links.
  • At the end of the school year in late June, before the last exam day, we ask that students vacate their lockers so we can clean. Students are not assigned the same locker from school year to school year. 

Find below here information, in three stanzas, from our Student Code of Conduct specific to Lockers:

Students will be assigned a locker by the school. It is their responsibility to keep lockers clean and free from writing, damage, and decorations. Repair charges will be levied where students purposefully or carelessly damage lockers. Students are not permitted to move to another locker or to exchange or share lockers without permission from administration. Grade 11 and 12 students may share lockers.

Lockers must be secured with a Dudley combination lock. The combination must be on record in the office. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to your lock being removed at your expense. During class time, locker visits must be kept to a minimum. The school is not responsible for lost, missing or stolen belongings. The locker is the property of the DDSB. Students are solely responsible for the contents of their lockers. Lockers are emptied at the end of each school year.

Administration has the authority, with reasonable suspicion, to search personal property and lockers. The right to search is established to assist school administration in providing for the safety and welfare of all students and staff as stated in the Education Act. Principals have the right to seize contraband material.  The contraband material will be removed from the locker and held for evidence in disciplinary proceedings and may be turned over to law enforcement officials.

For further information:

If students and/or parents require more information then they can cetainly discuss their locker information with their Home Room teacher and/or the office. Please note the most efficient way to have a locker issue examined is to complete the Locker Form on our website, under Quick Links.