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Brooklin High School
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Special Education

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​The Importance of Special Education

Students who have behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical, or multiple
exceptionalities may require special education programs and/or services to benefit
fully from their school experience. Such students may be referred to an Identification,
Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) set up by the school board. If
identified as exceptional, they must be provided with appropriate special education
programs and/or services designed to build on their strengths and meet their
needs. In addition, the principal of the students’ school must ensure that an
Individual Education Plan (IEP) is prepared and maintained for these students.


 Brooklin High School Special Education Staff

    • Mr. J Dionne (Department Head)
    • Ms. C. Kaspar
    • Ms. L. McCabe
    • Ms. C. McNairn (Structured Learning Class)
    • Ms. S. MacDonald (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. B. Gearin (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. S. Mayr (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. R. Smith (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. K. Bidon (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. A.M. Campbell (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. T. Eymann (Educational Assistant)
    • Ms. B. Jung (Educational Assistant)
GLE 1O Course Outline.pdf
GLE 2O Course Outline.pdf
Special Education Parent Guide.pdf