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Canadian and World Studies

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The Importance of the Canadian and World Studies Curriculum

In Canadian and world studies, students develop skills, knowledge and understanding, and attitudes that will serve them both inside and outside the classroom, including in the world of work and as responsible citizens in the various communities to which they belong. The focus of teaching and learning in the Canadian and world studies curriculum is the development of ways of thinking and of transferable skills that students need in order to acquire and apply knowledge and understanding. Students apply these concepts of thinking and skills in a variety of contexts to examine information critically; to assess the significance of events, developments, and processes; to develop an understanding of and respect for different points of view; to reach supportable conclusions; and to propose solutions to, and courses of actions to address, real problems.​


 Brooklin High School Canadian and World Studies Department Staff

    • Mr. J. Cook (Department Head)
    • Mr. C. Kirchner
    • Mr. N. Radice
    • Ms. C. Kalianteris
    • Mr. S. Guluzian
    • Ms. S. Petrie
    • Mr. J. Taylor
    • Ms. A. Walker
    • Ms. J. Bernard
    • Mr. C. Jeffs
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