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Classical and International Languages

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The Importance of the French as a Second Language Curriculum

The ability to speak and understand French allows students to communicate with French-speaking people in Canada and around the world, to understand and appreciate the history and evolution of their cultures, and to develop and benefit from a competitive advantage in the workforce.

​In addition to strengthening students’ ability to communicate, learning another language develops their awareness of how language and culture interconnect, helping them appreciate and respect the diversity of Canadian and global societies. When a student is exposed to another culture through its language, he or she begins to understand the role that language plays in making connections with others. Learning an additional language not only challenges a mind but also teaches understanding, encourages patience, and fosters open-mindedness.


 Brooklin High School Classical and International Languages Department Staff

    • ​Ms. V. Hodowanski (Department Head)
    • Ms. J. Bolshan
    • Ms. E. Bengel
    • Ms. L. McCabe
    • Ms. A. Preuss
    • Ms. C. Mapp
FSF 1D Course Outline.pdf
FSF 1P Course Outline.pdf
FSF 2D Course Outline.pdf
FSF 3U Course Outline.pdf
FSF 4U Course Outline.pdf