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Boundaries & Moving Out of Area

Are You Moving?

If you are moving and will not be returning to Blair Ridge in September, please let us know as soon as possible. It is also important that you contact your child’s new school to register for the upcoming school year as staffing allocation begin at the beginning of March.

Students who were grandfathered in the January 21, 2013 grandfathering agreement are only grandfathered if they remain at the address listed on the grandfathering agreement. Grandfathering is not transferred to a new home or a new homeowner. If a student transfers out of Blair Ridge, their grandfathering agreement expires unless they have moved to a DDSB program that is not available at Blair Ridge (gifted, special class placement, etc.).

Blair Ridge Catchment Area

If you are considering a move and would like your child(ren) to remain at Blair Ridge Public School, your new home must be within the Blair Ridge catchment area. The table below lists which streets on the east side of Thickson Road are assigned to Blair Ridge and which streets are assigned to Brooklin Village. At this time, Blair Ridge does not​ have the capacity to accommodate Out of Area students.

Blair Ridge Catchment Area
​Brooklin Village Catchment Area
​Barchester Crescent
​Bennington Court
​Beaumaris Crescent
​Burning Springs Place
​Bexley Crescent
​Cachet Boulevard (185 and greater)
​Blackfriar Avenue (#44 and greater)
​Carnwith Drive East (300 - 414 even only)
​Branthaven Court
​Chiswick Avenue
​Cachet Boulevard (1-184 only)
​Columbus Road East
​Carnwith Drive East (301-413 odd numbers only)
​Hadleigh Way
​Corsham Drive
​Lambdon Way
​Covington Drive
​Mildenhall Place
​Cranborne Crescent
​Nightingale Crescent
​Dunstable Drive
​Shrewsbury Drive
​Hawstead Crescent
​Wycombe Street
​Helston Crescent
​Hersham Drive
Ipswich Place
​Kenilworth Crescent
​Kinross Avenue
​Lamport Court
​Northgrove Crescent
​Penhurst Drive
​Princeton Court
​Rockland Crescent
​Wessex Drive
​Wilshire Drive
Winchester Road East (520- 700 NS)