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Head Lice Information
Pediculosis (Head Lice) are tiny insects that live in the hair of the head. If a student is found to have head lice, they are asked to remain at home until they have received treatment. Upon returning to school, we would ask a parent and child(ren) to report to the office for a head lice check. When head lice is found in the classroom, a letter is sent home to all parents with children in that classroom.

For more information about Head Lice and treatment, download the Region of Durham's Pediculosis Information Sheet.

Help! My Child Has Head Lice. What Do I Do Now?

Treating head lice is often a two step process involving the use of a treatment product and physical removal of the nits from the hair. Most products require two treatments, 7 to 10 days apart, to kill newly hatched lice. After the second treatment, check the head twice a week for four weeks to make sure all lice are gone. Wash bedding, head gear, towels, and clothing used within the last couple of days in hot water and dry in a hot dryer for 15 minutes. The heat of the water, or the hot drying cycle, will kill any live lice and nits. All members of the household should be checked.
You can choose to treat the lice at home following the informtion provided in the Region of Durham's Pediculosis Information Sheet, or you may prefer to use one of the many pay-for-service treatment option. Some of these are listed below.

Use At-Home Products*

Pay-for-Service Treatment Options*

*The products and companies referenced above are for information purposes only. BRPS cannot recommend or endorse any particular product or company.

Tips To Help Keep Your Child Lice Free

  • Teach your child not to share hats, helmets, brushes, combs, hair clips, ties, and ribbons with anyone else
  • Put a drop or two of rosemary of thyme oil on brushes or combs to deter lice
  • Tie back long hair to keep it away from the face
  • Add a drop or two of tea tree oil to your shampoo to deter lice
  • Consider washing your child's hair less often as lice are attracted to clean hair. Some parents use mousse, gel, or hairspray to help prevent lice