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Allergies & Classroom Celebrations

Keeping Students Safe

We continue to have an increase in the number of children at Blair Ridge who have severe, life threatening, allergies. As you do with your children's lunch and snacks, we need to be very careful in what is being sent in to the school from home.
Our school is a nut/peanut aware school and you are asked not to send food containing either of these products with your child to school. We understand a manufacturer's label can be quite confusing and have provided examples of labels that indicate items are safe for school. Although this message focuses primarily on "nut product" items, we do have a number of students with severe allergies to other food items as well (mango, kiwi, gluten, shellfish). Your child's classroom teacher may inform you of additional food restrictions in your child's classroom. 
Blair Ridge staff are very creative in their approach to celebrations and can create the same impact of "celebrating" without the necessity to have "food items" as part of the celebration. Due to an increasing number of students with life-threatening allergies, we can longer support students bringing in treats to share for a celebration (i.e. cupcakes for birthday celebrations).
Thank you for adhering to these requests and for your on-going support in keeping ALL students as safe as possible at Blair Ridge Public School.

Handout: What to Consider When Packing Lunches and Snacks for Your Child

WOW Butter

The Durham Region Health Department has advised our staff that this product is not recommended for schools.  Here is an excerpt from the DRHD statement:
Most of Ontario's public health nutritionists have agreed that although it (WOW butter) doesn't pose an allergy threat by the ingredients, it does pose an allergy threat by looking and smelling like peanut butter.  Children could easily mistake this product for peanut butter and tell their parents that the school is now allowing peanut butter.  It would be very difficult - and potentially dangerous - for schools to monitor the use of this product.  As such, the DRHD cannot recommend this product for use in Durham schools.

 School Safe Snacks