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Concussion Guidelines

Policy 5128 – Concussion Management

The Durham District School Board recognizes that although concussions and head injuries may occur outside the scope of the District School Board, the return to play decisions for the student are to be guided by Board policy and that any student suspected of, or diagnosed with, a concussion or head injury will be given appropriate time to heal before returning to physical and/or academic activities.

It is the policy of the Durham District School Board that:

  • Staff, students and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be provided with appropriate information to help them identify the symptoms of a concussion or head injury;
  • Students participating in DDSB events are to be properly evaluated by a health care professional for concussions if exposed to a head injury;
  • All students who appear to have sustained a concussion, whether at a DDSB event or not, will seek the advice of a health care professional who is experienced in evaluating and treating concussion injuries.

DDSB staff will respond in a way that removes a student from further potential harm when he/she has been diagnosed with, or is suspected of having, a concussion or head injury, and will require that a student receive clearance from a physician before returning to academic or athletic activities.

Prior to a student returning to school after a concussion, or suspected concussion, parents are asked to contact the school to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place and classroom teachers receive ample notification of any physician prescribed modifications in the student's academic or physical activity.

Document Downloads:

1. Signs & Symptoms (Appendix E)

2. Parent Handbook (Appendix A)

3. Request for Modified Activities (Appendix C)*

4. Request to Resume Activities (Appendix D)*

5. Steps & Responsibilities (Appendix F)

*Required prior to returning to school.