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Bellwood Public School
Special Education
The Special Education Team at Bellwood Public School
At Bellwood, the Special Education Team consists of Administration, Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs), Classroom Teachers, and Educational Assistants.
The Special Education Team is responsible for providing programming and resources for students with special learning needs. We are assisted by the following team members at the Durham District School Board.
Special Education Facilitator: Randi-Lea Micklewright
Speech and Language: Ashley Sankowski
Psychological Services: Esther Somogyi
Social Work: Grant Wilson
Role of the SERT
The Special Education Resource Teacher offers many services to staff and students, which may include:
  • support of students with special learning needs (identified and at-risk)
  • provide resources/strategies to staff and students
  • formal testing for identification purposes
  • on-going assessments to monitor student progress
  • direct instruction on a one-to-one basis or in small groups
  • co-ordinate the referral process to access the area team and outside agencies
  • development of Individual Education Plans (IEP) in conjunction with classroom teachers
  • liason to Special Education Classes
If you have any questions regarding special education, please start with your child's teacher or feel free to contact Mr. Khajuria or Mrs. Dahmer at (905) 436-0098