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Guest Wifi Access Info

​​​The DDSB has strict web safety protocols in place to ensure that our network is used for appropriate, school-related purposes only. 

For this reason, many personal devices will need something installed called a "security certificate." This certificate tells your personal device that the DDSB network is safe to use, allowing your device to access the internet.

You can download and install the certificate by clicking this link:

Security certificate

You should be aware of the following limitations while using our gest network:

1. Youtube access is limited. Only videos marked as 'educational' by Youtube will be accessible. (*note: as of Dec. 2016, all Youtube is restricted due to additional security measures...this will be updated as more information is provided by DDSB).​

2. Specific, step-by-step instructions on how to install the certificate is not possible. each version of Android, and each manufacturer, will be slightly different. ​Windows installations are also different.

3. After installation of the certificate, you may get a message on your device that says "this network may be monitored", etc. even when you take your device home. This is normal behaviour.