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Durham District School Board
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​Public school trustees are the critical link between communities and school boards. They are elected by taxpayers during municipal elections every four years and are directly accountable to the community. The DDSB is currently governed by 11 trustees and have been elected to serve from December 1, 2014, to November 30, 2018.

Each December, the Board holds its annual internal elections to establish the Board Chairperson, Vice ChairpersonVice Chairperson of the Standing Committee and Chair of the Education Finance Committee.​
Working together, a school trustee is responsible, as a member of the Board: 
  • to govern and set policy
  • to govern for the provision of curriculum, facilities, human and financial resources
  • to advocate for the needs of their communities
  • as a constituency representative, to explain the policies and decisions of the Durham District School Board to residents

Trustees are available to help taxpayers, parents and others address any issues they may have about the public school system.

Trustees meet as a Board on a regular basis and also participate on organized Standing Committees. The meeting schedule lists public meetings.


Student Trustees

Student Trustees serve an important role for the Durham District School Board. They represent the voice of students in decisions about education in Durham, and they help keep students informed about important decisions that affect them. The Durham Board has three student trustees—one representing Ajax/Pickering area schools, one representing Oshawa/Whitby schools and one representing Northern schools.







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