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Durham District School Board
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The Durham District Sch​ool Board is committed to maintaining a positive school climate in schools
​in which students have the opportunity to develop in a safe and respectful learning environment.

A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. To help achieve positive school environments, the Durham District School Board actively promotes proactive safe schools initiatives including Progressive Discipline, Character Education, Bully Prevention and Intervention, Restorative Practice, the Student Success strategy, and the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy.

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Some characteristics of a​ school with a positive learning climate are:
  • Students and staff both feel safe, and are safe;
  • Healthy and inclusive relationships are promoted;
  • Students are encouraged to be positive leaders in their school community;
  • All education partners, including students, are actively engaged;
  • Bullying prevention, awareness-raising strategies and intervention for students and staff are reinforced through programs that address discrimination based on such factors as age, race, sexual orientation, gender, faith, disability, ethnicity and socio-economic disadvantage;
  • Improvement of student achievement is emphasized.
A comprehensive approach, that includes all members of the school community, fosters efforts to ensure that schools are safe and welcoming environments for everyone. This type of approach is effective in leading to systemic changes that will benefit all students and the broader community.

PPM 144, Bully Prevention and Intervention
PPM 145, Progressive Discipline and Promoting
Positive Student Behaviour

Georgette Davis
Superintendent of Education, Safe Schools/Mental Health & Well-Being

Ken MacNaughton
Administrative Officer, Safe Schools

Dan Hogan
Violence Prevention/Substance Abuse Coordinator

Holly Richard
Program Facilitator, Safe Schools

Lori Clint
Administrative Assistant, Safe Schools/Mental Health and Well-Being

Mary Lou Finlay
Administrative Secretary, Safe Schools

Steffanie Pelleboer
Mental Health Leader

Sandra Provenzano
Administrative Secretary, Mental Health
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