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Ignite Learning
At the Durham District School Board, our top priorities are student well-being and achievement. That’s why it’s so important to have a section like this, for students, or for parents, guardians and community members, seeking information on how to further those goals.
The menu along the side provides an array of information for students. Want to know more about the mandatory 40 hours of community involvement for high school graduation? It’s here. Going through a difficult time? Find out more about some of the valuable resources available at school or in the community. Want to learn more about how the DDSB ensures it listens to student voice and how you can get involved? Read about Student Senate, and the three student trustees who act as the voice of students at the DDSB boardroom table.
This is also a place to find out if your bus is cancelled on a snow day. Clicking here will take you to Durham Student Transportation Services, which updates regularly with bus information.
We also value student input, and invite students to provide it in a number of ways, including through our Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.c​om/DurhamDistrictSchoolBoard/
 or on Twitter, @DurhamDSB.


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