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Infectious Diseases

Parents, guardians and educational workers are aware that their children will come into contact with a variety of communicable diseases, particularly while they are attending school.

Classrooms are ideal environments for the transmission of communicable diseases due to the close contact of students and sharing of materials. Education workers are also at risk for contacting a communicable disease. People expect children to be susceptible to diseases such as measles and chickenpox. They hope they are spared the agony of suffering from hepatitis, meningitis, and tuberculosis. In a school setting, the best method for preventing the transmission of a communicable disease is careful hand washing. In addition, shared surfaces should be kept clean and reduce contact with an infected person.

Available Resources
Information is available on the following websites that allows it to be easily shared with parents and guardians.  We encourage staff to read the book and keep it handy as an important reference for the future.
Please refer also to Durham District School Board
Regulation #4244 - Communicable Diseases.


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