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Parent Reaching Out Grants

​The Durham District School Board recognizes and acknowledges parents as a key partner in education, and encourages a wide range of opportunities for parent engagement and involvement in their child's education.

Ontario's Parents Reaching Out grants allow for opportunities to increase parent engagement within the Durham District School Board both at the local and district level. The grants provide funds to school councils to support identifying and addressing barriers to parent engagement in their own community and implementing local solutions to involve more parents in support of student achievement and well-being.

Each year, the Ministry of Education invites School Community Councils along with their school principal, to submit a proposal for funding to support a collaborative project for the school community.

PRO Grants for schools are intended to support school-based initiatives to reach parents who face barriers to becoming involved in their children’s education or school under the following categories:

  • Communication – e.g., lack of language specific materials for parents or parent information related to curriculum and other school-based activities

  • Geography – e.g., reaching parents living in a larger or remote geographic area

  • Parents new to the system – parents who have a child in school for the first time, have recently moved to the area, or have recently arrived as newcomers to Ontario

  • Overcoming local barriers – initiatives to support parents in identifying barriers to parent engagement in their own community and finding local solutions

The maximum amount that any school and its school community council can receive is $1000.00

Similarly, school districts are invited to submit proposals. The PRO Regional Grants are intended to support initiatives that will enhance parent engagement in support of improved student achievement and well-being.  Eligible projects must fall under at least one of the following areas:

  • Parents as partners in education
  • Creating a welcoming school board and school environment for all parents
  • Skill-building opportunities for parents
  • Enhancing communication between school and parent


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