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School Community Partnerships
​Our school communities enjoy invaluable partnerships with a variety of organizations in the community. Currently, there are more than 500 active partnerships across the Durham District School Board. These partnerships vary greatly, ranging from formal, large partnerships involving the entire Board to informal partnerships with small businesses located in the school neighbourhood. Everyone benefits from being involved: educators, community partners and above all, students.
Strong links between our schools and the community move learning beyond the classroom into the outside world, exposing students to the practical applications of what they are learning. Partnerships offer students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about our community and opportunities to make a contribution. Partnerships also open the school to the community by inviting volunteers into the classroom to share their expertise and experiences. In turn, the many volunteers who visit our schools gain a deeper understanding of how our schools work and of the importance of public education.
For more information please contact:

Barbara Oram,
Partnership Development Coordinator (Grants)


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