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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
Board Improvement Plan
The Durham District School Board’s 2015-2018 Improvement Plan for student achievement provides strategic direction outlining key priorities supported through a common vision, shared goals and coherence between Board and school priorities.
Excellence in teaching and learning from Kindergarten to secondary school graduation is the foundation to improving student achievement and supporting well-being. Collectively, we are determined to ignite learning to meet our strategic goals:
  • Increase Student Achievement and Well-Being,
  • Constructively Engage the Community, and
  • Advance Inspired Leadership.
The purpose of the 2015-2018 Board Improvement Plan is to focus our energies and align resources towards promoting student achievement and well-being. The plan has an intentional emphasis on teaching and learning where the foundation of instructional practice is based on four key components:
  • Learning Environment,
  • Rich Curriculum,
  • Instructional Strategies, and
  • Student Engagement (The Teaching and Learning Framework).
As we seek to ignite learning, the Durham District School Board is committed to the belief that every learner can and will be successful as we implement innovative, evidence-based practices in teaching and learning designed to respect and promote the diversity of all learners. A continued emphasis on engaging students and promoting parent/community involvement strengthens and enriches student learning opportunities, while ensuring that a safe and inclusive learning environment promotes success and well-being for all. To enhance creativity and promote critical, high level thinking skills, learning is enriched and supported through the integration of technology across all disciplines. Learners are supported and engaged in work and activities to prepare them for success in a 21st century society.


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