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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
​DDSB Education Centre
400 Taunton Road, East
Whitby, Ontario  L1R 2K6
Phone:  905-666-5500 or 1-800-265-3968

Business and Technology Information Services
The Busines​s department develops and implements a system-wide​ financial plan and provides leadership to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of all Board resources.  It prepares the annual budget and financial statements, general legislative grants and estimates, maintains copies of all Board agreements/contracts. The Superintendent is responsible for the areas of occupational health and safety, payroll, purchasing, community use of schools, and information technology.
Associate Director
Corporate Services &

David Visser
tel: 905-666-6459, email
Supervisor of Office Services - Corporate
Kristin Talbot
tel: 905-666-6459, email
Business Department Fax:  905-666-6969
Technology Information Fax:  905-666-6948
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​​​​​Early Years and Child Care
Research has shown that the early years – from conception to age six – are the most significant and influential in terms of brain development, learning, behavior, and health. It has also been shown that both high-quality, licensed child care and high-quality early years programs support the development of cognitive and social skills, enhance school readiness and help children achieve later school success.​
Superintendent of Education
Jim Markovski
tel: 905-666-6958, em​​ail
Administrative Assistant
Sylvie Niles
tel: 905-666-6958, email
​​ Early Years & Childcare Department Fax:  905-666-6362
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Facilities Services
The facilities services department encompasses the departments of custodial services, energy and mechanical design services, facility design and construction services, maintenance services, waste reduction and energy conservation and property and planning services. Facilities services is responsible for the total physical aspects of all Durham District School Board buildings and properties.
Associate Director &
Corporate Services/

David Visser
tel: 905-666-6426, email
Administrative Assistant
Eva Burka
tel: 905-666-6481, 
​​ ​Facilities Services Fax: 905-666-6439​ ​
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Human Resource Services
This department directs all staff recruitment and hiring for approved positions, including occasional and supply teaching staff for schools. This includes posting, advertising and assisting in the organization of the selection process. This department also is responsible for all aspects of labour relations, including the renewal and maintenance of all collective agreements.​
Human Resource
Kathy Gooding
tel: 905-666-6343, email
Administrative Assistant
Wendy Knowlton
tel: 905-666-6343, email
Human Resource Services Fax:  905-666-6908
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This department is responsible for all system-wide operating procedures, including allocation of resources that impact on the day-to-day operation of all schools and leadership development.
Associate Director/Academic Services
Mark Fisher
tel: 905-666-6351, email
Administrative Assistant
Dorothy Leaver
tel: 905-666-6351, email
​​ ​Operations Fax: 905-666-6376
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Student Achievement
Responsible for co-ordinating curriculum for all students. It establishes curriculum and instructional priorities in response to ministry and board initiatives and supports teachers and administrators with the implementation of these programs in schools. It provides co-ordination, assessment and evaluation to provide system accountability. In conjunction with the Technical and Information Services Department, it co-ordinates report cards, provincial tests and board-wide testing. It manages regional activities and initiatives for special projects and instructional support services for schools, teachers and parents.
Superintendents of Education
Anne Marie Laginski,
 — Secondary Curriculum 

Silvia Peterson,

 — Elementary K-6 Curriculum
Administrative Assistant
Corinne Creagmile
tel: 905-666-6356, email
Programs Fax: 905-666-6946​​ ​
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​​Inclusive Student Services
The Durham District School Board remains committed to special education and to offering parents and students a range of placement options.
Superintendent of Education
Andrea McAuley
tel: 905-666-6371, email
Administrative Assistant
Diane Kent
tel: 905-666-6371, email
Special Education Fax: 905-666-6923​​​ ​
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Durham District School Board
400 Taunton Road East,
Whitby, ON
L1R 2K6 Canada

Phone: 905-666-5500
Fax: 905-666-6474
Toll Free: 1-800-265-3968
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